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Customers are looking for a reliable company that can install first-class Solar panels in Ireland. We at KRDC are just the company, we are approved SEAI solar PV Installers. As a long-established electrical company, KRDC may be a beneficial partner for your home, farm, or business. At KRDC we keep in line with the HSE Guidelines to make sure that everyone in the vicinity is safe. 

Installing solar panels across all of Connaught including Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim & Roscommon. We can help calculate how many panels you will require based on your energy consumption.

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Are Solar Panels Worth it In Ireland?

There is a misconception that solar PV panels or solar energy would not work in Ireland, and we would like to prevent this spread of misinformation by informing potential solar panel customers that this is not the case. This misconception stems from people believing that we don’t get enough sunlight in the summer, let alone the winter. This is not the case; solar panels (Solar PV) function with daylight rather than heat from the sun.

Ireland’s climate is very favourable to to PV Solar Panels. A medium sized Solar Panel can generate enough electricity to cover 70% of an Irish household’s annual usage. Our moderate environment is perfect for Solar Panels (Solar PV) since we never get too hot or too cold and have adequate light levels for a considerable portion of the year, even though our average winters are not as harsh as many regions of Central Europe.

So Are Solar Panels Worth it in Ireland? Yes, they absolutely are. 

It was long believed that Ireland doesn’t get enough sunlight for Solar Panels. However, Ireland’s climate is much more favourable than many people realise. 

Our climate sees moderate temperatures throughout the year, being not too hot and not too cold. We also see around 260 days of sunlight. These conditions make PV Solar Panels absolutely worth it in Ireland.  

Solar Panels are said to last for between 25 and 30 years. 

While the Solar Panels will continue to work, their efficiency will start to decline. 

Yes, Solar Panels will still work on cloudy days. 

While direct sunlight is more efficient, cloudy weather allows Solar Panels to still operate at a high level as the UV rays of light can penetrate the clouds. 

The cost of purchasing and installing solar panels has come down considerably over the last 10 years.

The cost of a solar PV system depends on a range of factors including the hardware chosen, size of
system and accessibility of the roof or site. There is currently a grant from SEAI for solar panel installation in your home. This can help to greatly reduce the cost. 

KRDC can help guide you through the grant process, as well as providing an estimate for Solar Panel installation in your home. 

how Do Solar Panels Work?

Although there are two types of solar panels – solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal – the idea underlying both is the same. They take the sun’s raw energy and convert it into useful energy. Solar PV systems do so via generating electricity, whilst solar thermal systems heat your water or air.

Solar Panels (Solar PV) are a clean energy source – Solar Panels (Solar PV) utilise the sun’s energy to create clean green electricity that can be used directly in your house or company in lieu of conventionally generated power. It is one of the most simple and cost-effective renewable energy solutions to incorporate into any structure, whether commercial or residential. You may also add solar panel battery storage to your system, allowing you to store any excess energy and utilize it when you need it. You’ll get paid for your exports which will in turn reduce running costs.


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SEAI Grants for Solar Panels ireland

SEAI are offering solar panel grants for solar PV system installation on your home. There is currently a solar panel grant of €1,800 – €3,000 for solar panel (Solar PV) and battery installs to reduce installation cost and solar pv system cost.

Get in touch today with KRDC and we will happily guide you through the grant application for your Solar Panels Ireland.

Micro-Generation Support Scheme (MSS)

The Micro-Generation Support Scheme (MSS) will begin in Q3 of 2022. The scheme is open to all homes constructed before 2021. A minimum BER rating is no longer required. The scheme would provide up to €2400 in grants for solar panel installation to homeowners, farms, businesses, schools, and community buildings.

KRDC Electrical is a certified PV & Solar Panel installer. To learn more about the Micro-Generation Support Scheme, contact us today. 

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