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Customers are looking for a reliable company that can install first-class solar PV System installation. We at KRDC are just the company, we are approved SEAI solar PV Installers. As a long-established electrical company, KRDC may be a beneficial partner for your home, farm or business. 

Installing solar panels across all of Connaught including Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim & Roscommon. We can help calculate how many panels you will require based on your energy consumption. Call our fully insured & approved company today to get a quote for your home, farm or business.

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PV System Installation on roof in Ireland

What are Solar PV Panels?

Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules are solar panels that generate energy and not just heat water. When these panels are exposed to light, they create electricity. Solar PV panels do not require electricity to operate.

Solar PV refers to the solar panels that are installed on the roofs of homes and businesses. Solar PV panels can also be placed on the ground and wired into your home.

You may also add battery storage so that you can collect electricity throughout the day, store it, and utilize it afterwards. A hot water diverter may be placed as part of the system to convert extra energy into hot water. This is ideal for when the weather is warm as you won’t want to turn on the heat or immersion.

Clean Energy Technologies

PV technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last ten years, and it has become a highly popular alternative thanks to generous government incentives. A household may save up to 70% on their electricity expenses by using battery storage. With such a diverse range of energy technologies in Ireland, key data insights, research, and statistic production have gone a long way to improving our carbon footprint.

Green Renewable Energy with Solar PV Installations

Installing solar PV panels will provide a steady supply of renewable green energy and the advancement of clean energy technology by capturing daylight and sunshine, both of which are completely free and naturally occurring resources. The cost of solar panels is rapidly repaid because renewable energy is free to produce, saving you money and allowing you to take advantage of Solar Panel Grants Ireland.

SEAI Grants for Solar PV Installations

SEAI grants are helping homeowners, business owner’s communities and large industries reduce their energy & system costs and greenhouse emissions. SEAI grants are help reduce the initial outlay for the solar panel installation cost. There has never been a better time to invest in photovoltaic panels & solar power products in Ireland.

A solar PV array, which consists of a number of solar panels mounted on your roof or on the ground outdoors, collects daylight energy. Using an inverter, this energy is transformed from DC power to usable AC electricity. The power may then be used in your appliances, with any leftover energy being used to heat water into hot water or stored in a battery for later use.

Solar PV System

A home solar PV system is made up of numerous solar panels that are placed on your roof (or in your yard) and connected to your building’s electrical needs. Solar panels create DC (direct current – similar to a battery) power, which is then transformed to AC (alternating current – similar to the electricity in your home) via an inverter.

Solar panels (modules), a mounting system, and a solar inverter with computerized controller make up a solar PV system.

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PV Installation Maintenance

There aren’t many fees connected with solar panel maintenance once you’ve covered the installation charges. You can simply wash the face of the panels with a regular garden hose for a general cleaning. This is best done in the morning or evening. Also, do not shower the solar panels with cold water while they are still hot, since this may cause harm. Furthermore, if the panels require further cleaning beyond what the hose can give, you may scrub them with a sponge and soapy water.

You may also hire a cleaning firm to help you. If the panels are too high or require more thorough cleaning, this is the best option. Every 4-6 years, get your system inspected by a professional installer. It is also a good idea to ask your installer about specific maintenance requirements for your solar system.

Do solar PV panels need planning permission?

For residential houses generally, you will not need planning permission if the solar panels take up less than 12 square metres (or less than 50% of the area of the roof). 12 sq. meters is about the size of a 6-panel system. You can confirm this with your local council office. Some exceptions to the requirements for planning permission include if you house is a protected structure or in a protected area.

For Industrial businesses in Ireland, solar panel planning permission exemptions are a lot more generous to farms and businesses. For light industrial/commercial premises, you’re allowed up to 50 square metres of solar panels without planning permission. For industrial buildings, there’s no limit to the area of solar panels you can install without planning permission. 

Generally speaking, solar panels on industrial buildings are exempt from planning permission in Ireland. We would always recommend confirming with you local council office to avoid all doubt.

Can I get hot water from Solar PV Installation?

Generated electricity can be stored in a battery or other energy storage systems, such as your hot water immersion tank. It may also be exported from your home into the street’s electrical network. When exposed to light, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels create energy, providing you with free electricity. Energy research and statistics are vital for environmental protection.

What if I need more power than the Solar PV Panels generate?

The majority of solar clients have grid-connected solar systems. Their house is linked to the power grid, allowing them to tap into electricity provided by their utility when they require more than their solar system can provide (such as on a rainy day or at night). It also implies that if their PV system produces more power than they use, the amount of electricity not being used may be transferred to the grid to be utilized by others.

Micro-Generation Support Scheme (MSS)

The Micro-Generation Support Scheme (MSS) will begin in Q3 of 2022. The scheme is open to all homes constructed before 2021. A minimum BER rating is no longer required. The scheme would provide up to €2400 in grants for solar panel installation to homeowners, farms, businesses, schools, and community buildings.

KRDC Electrical is a certified PV & Solar Panel installer. To learn more about the Micro-Generation Support Scheme, contact us today. 

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