Car Charger Installation

As the usage of electric vehicles (EVs) grows across the country, there is a growing demand for electric car charging infrastructure. ESB Ecar public charge points may be found in numerous towns and carparks across the country, allowing customers to charge their cars while at work or in a car parking space. This step advances and evolves reality while simultaneously safeguarding the ecosystem we live in.

The benefits of electric vehicles are widely documented: they are healthier for the environment, less expensive to operate, and even provide health benefits by removing one exhaust pipe from your near area.

electric car charger installation ireland
car charger installation EV Charger Infrastructure Design, Installation & Maintenance.

Electric Car Charger Installation Ireland

EV charging facilities, particularly at home, are becoming increasingly common as electric vehicles become more common. Of course, driving an electric vehicle is excellent for the environment.

However, charging at a public station still leaves a carbon imprint. In other words, we’re still at 84 percent despite significant government efforts to produce green energy. However, if you use your own charger and a 100% green energy provider, the problem is solved. Although public electricity is not yet completely green, your home and car can be.

Use KRDC for your Car Charger Installation

Customers are looking for a reliable company that can install first-class electric vehicle charging stations. We at KRDC are just the company we are Safe Electric-registered. As a long-established company that installs EV charging infrastructure, KRDC may be a beneficial partner for your home or business.

We not only select the finest car chargers for your home, but we also provide end-to-end project management that includes every step of the installation. We recommend that the home charge point is installed as near to the fuse board as possible.

Some customers require smart chargers that may be password protected or even remotely locked and unlocked via a smartphone app, preventing others from charging their car on your electric vehicle home charger.
  • EV owners charge at home through a dedicated charge point. These charge points will safely charge an electric vehicle at a rate that suits the power supply.
  • A home charge point can supply 3.6kW (16Amps) to the vehicle although some supply up to 7.2kW(32Amps) this can be achieved by the use of load balancing kit. When the home or business is using a lot of electricity it automatically reduces the current flowing to the car this in turn protects the customers main fuse bord from over loading.
  • When we charge with an AC connector at home or on-street the power is delivered to the vehicle where an on-board battery charger (inside the vehicle) manages the rate of charge.

If you’re visiting someone who doesn’t have access to a charging station, you can use a ‘granny cable.’ This charging cord allows you to charge the car using a regular home outlet. To guarantee a safe and dependable experience, a granny cable should lower the pace of charging. It is not as quick as a regular charge station, but it may provide you with some additional peace of mind when visiting.

A 220-volt-compatible granny lead home hook up kit is included with all electric vehicles. It’s just a sophisticated extension lead that lets you connect your automobile into a regular outlet on one end and into the car on the other. However, this takes a very long time to charge and is not recommended as a only way of charging the vehicle. With the installation of a purpose EV charger socket charging times are greatly reduced allowing the customer more freedom to complete journeys.

Unlike most owners of traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, EV drivers may “refill” at home using a wall charger. All you must do is park near the charging station and connect it into your vehicle.

Ease of use

Refuelling your car is simple with home charge points. Schedule a charge session, and your car will begin charging while you sleep or eat. Why waste time charging when you can spend it on more important things at home? We at KRDC will ensure that the electric car charger installed at your home is safe, quick, and efficient, lowering your energy bill.

Car Charging Solutions

Customers can maximize their energy efficiency by using the night rate or installation of PV panels to charge their electric car. With about 80% of charging taking place at home. It’s also where you may save money on power by using a car timer or a smartphone app.

Switching from your current vehicle to a new electric car can save you a lot of money over the course of a 12 month Period. during this time, it is cheaper to run an electric car than a petrol or diesel car for a year.

Car Charging Installation Grant

With this new SEAI home charger grant, which is a government-funded support initiative to aid homeowners install an electric car charge point on their property and which you will get upon completing the grant application, installing a home charging network has never been easier or cheaper. The initiative offers a subsidy of up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an EV home charger unit. On the SEAI main page, you may see the grant’s terms and conditions.