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Solar photovoltaic panels are solar panels that generate electricity (PV). When exposed to light, these panels create power, allowing for direct use in the home. With a battery add-on, you may store excess electricity and utilize it later when your need exceeds the capacity of your panels.

A solar module, also known as a solar panel, is a single photovoltaic panel made up of connected solar cells. To generate electricity, solar cells absorb sunlight as a source of energy. Buildings are powered by a collection of modules.

LG Solar Panel Installers - Installing Expert Solar Panels To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Energy Bills Today.

Benefits of Solar PV Panels

LG Solar Panel - Power Your Home With Green, Renewable Energy.

You can expect to save up to 70% on your electricity bills if you use our Solar PV system to generate your own electricity. This has helped the solar industry expand into new markets and deploy thousands of systems across the country. Which means it’s never been a better time to start thinking about planning your next solar project.

By installing our PV system, you are reducing your carbon footprint, your running costs and helping to protect the environment by utilizing renewable and clean energy. Solar power can be connected to heat you water, can you imagine free hot water! With a well designed and installed system it can provide for a lot of your hot water needs, unlike other renewable energy solutions. Benefits include low maintenance costs, a long lifespan, and we take pride in our commitment to quality and innovation.

By installing our PV system to produce energy more efficiently, you may fulfil over half of your hot water demands thus saving money. Solar panels also provide exceptional performance with little labour and less effort.

With Ireland’s energy prices among the highest in the EU, now is the ideal time to take control of your escalating energy bills. Installing a solar PV system will save you money by reducing the amount of electricity you currently buy from your supplier. We guarantee that all our equipment uses state of the art technology while maintaining some of the industry’s longest and strongest warranties through our network of suppliers.

With your own Solar PV system, you can generate your own electricity and lock in your own electricity prices for the next 25 years or more. Switching to renewable energy would be a smart choice because a solar PV system can save you up to €1100 per year on your electricity bill. This will significantly reduce your operating expenditures, allowing you to save for the things that really important.

Orientation of Solar Panel Install

Panels should be oriented between southeast and southwest (including due south), however they can also be used on an east-west oriented roof. We make every effort to design and install the system that is best suited to your home’s energy needs. This assists us in determining the ideal system for your needs as well as the technology that should be deployed. A well-constructed system will consider the long-term demographic and lifestyle of the home’s residents.

Size of LG Solar Panel Installation

A larger PV system is the best option for the homeowner given that the surface area is crucial to achieve good results on wet / fair days. However, with an oversized system it can over produce on really good days as it will over generate electricity and shut down. We can guide you on your installation configuration as your LG solar panel installers.

In Ireland we have a lot more fair/ good days than really sunny days in the year and that is why we recommend a larger system. If a customer has a electric car or batteries the excess power generated can be sent to these. With the roll out of electric smart meters in 2021, a customer will be paid to export surplus electricity to the grid.

An oversized system can help future proof your home, farm or business. As we all shift to electric powered modes of transportation and heating systems (heat pumps), our power requirements for our houses are expected to rise dramatically in the coming years. At KRDC we design and offer the best installation alternatives for our customers’ long-term needs.

Green benefits of Solar PV

Businesses can be rewarded for going green thanks to the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA). Green credentials of a company are becoming increasingly important to today’s consumer. Return control of your electricity costs to yourself.

There has never been a better moment to use available roof space or land to generate your own electricity than now. Furthermore, Accelerated Capital Allowances (ACA) can now be used to offset the cost of installing a solar PV system. Green credentials of food producers are becoming increasingly important to both distributors and consumers. Many firms have discovered a breakthrough in the solar panel manufacturing process, lowering the cost of purchasing them.

Why Use KRDC as LG Solar Panel Installers

The conventional panel today has an efficiency of roughly 19.5%, whereas the LG NeON R has an efficiency of more than 20%.

This is one of the reasons we choose LG solar for some of our premium solar installations.

LG solar panels, Longi solar, and the LG S Premier are some of the goods we utilize at KRDC. LG electronics is an industry leader and has shown to manufacture some of the best performing and highest quality solar panels in the world. This is one of the reasons you should select us and LG solar.

Our staff has more than 25 years of experience in the electrical industry, with a specialty on solar photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses. Get in Touch with KRDC Electrical today if your planning a solar project.

PV panel generate more electricity facing south, southwest, or southeast however panels can also be fitted on the ground facing south in the garden

Yes, surplus power diversion equipment can be installed to heat hot water or electric heaters using the PV system’s generated electricity.

Micro-Generation Support Scheme (MSS)

The Micro-Generation Support Scheme (MSS) will begin in Q3 of 2022. The scheme is open to all homes constructed before 2021. A minimum BER rating is no longer required. The scheme would provide up to €2400 in grants for solar panel installation to homeowners, farms, businesses, schools, and community buildings.

KRDC Electrical is a certified PV & Solar Panel installer. To learn more about the Micro-Generation Support Scheme, contact us today. 

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